Thursday, August 2, 2012

Top 5 Google Easter Eggs

Have you ever head of an Easter Egg?  Some of you maybe thinking yep, every April the Easter Bunny Brings them.  Well thats not the kind of Easter Egg that I'm taken about here.  Did you know that "Geeks" like me (ie software developers...which I a not but am a huge fan of and have many friends that are) develop these "Easter Eggs" in software all the time.  Mainly because they can and mostly because if you are lucky enough to find one you will get a fun surprise.  

I first heard about Easter Eggs back in the late 90's when I was doing Tech Support for a software company.  While I was documenting problems with a new software title.  I can't remember exactly what happened but I do remember thinking "What the heck was that" and went and got another tech who explained "Easter Eggs" to me.  So then we create quite a rucks because we were goggling how to access other easter eggs and the entire staff had gathered around my cube.  I do remember finding out how to find the hidden car game in excel.  It became quite popular.  

Here are the instructions on how to do find the car game in Excel.  You do have to have Excel 2000 in order to access it though. 

Excel 2000

A car-driving game can be found in MS Excel 2000 by following these steps:
  1. Open Excel 2000.
  2. Go to File, Save as Web Page.
  3. Then click Publish.
  4. Check the checkbox that says "Add Interactivity With".
  5. Click Publish.
  6. Close Excel.
  7. Open IE.
  8. Click File, Open, Browse.
  9. Go to where you saved it and click open.
  10. Now you should be looking at a spreadsheet.
  11. Go to all the way to row 2000.
  12. Click column A and drag all the way to column ZZ.
  13. Hit Tab and it should take you back to A.
  14. Hold Tab all the way to column WC. (Press shift Tab in case you move back).
  15. When you get there make sure WC is a white box and all the others are blue or green..
  16. Hold Ctrl+alt+shift and left click on the "four puzzle pieces" logo (The MS Excel Logo) on the upper left hand corner

If you want to have a little fun try these 7 Easter Egss found in Google.  

open up Google Search, and copy / paste the 'search words' below. Most of these work better in Firefox or Chrome. They DO NOT: Internet Explorer.
  1. Google Gravity (I'm feeling lucky) | Google Gravity (click 'I'm Feeling Luck Button').
  2. Do a Barrel Roll | Do a Barrel Roll
  3. Zerg Rush | Zerg Rush
  4. Tilt (also works for Askew) | Tilt
  5. What is the Loneliest Number | What is the loneliest number?
You can find more easter eggs by Googling "Google Easter Eggs" or Wikipedia has a great page that has more eggs.  

Now go and have some fun!!!!

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