Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Latest "BIG IDEA"...Junken, my life away!

I guess I have always been a Junker.  Been collecting treasures since I can remember.  In the summer time when I was growing up I would spend my Wednesday-Fridays with my grandparents and every Thursday my grandma would take me garage sailing where we would find many treasures.  Mostly costing between 25 cents and $1.  

Old things such as building, house, barns, old cars and trinkets always catch my eye. When I see something I like it sets my imagination into high gear and my wheels start to spin.  

Old house's make me think about past life's and what it was like to to live there when the house was new and then I imagine what the family was like and how the house was decorated and that usually sparks some new project for my house.  

Items such as barn boards, doors, milk cans ignite my crafty flair and I start to think what can I make this into?  

As I got older I started to collect more things and figure out new purpose for them.  Some of my favorite things are repurposed.  Vintage stuff is the best.  I guess you could say my style is "Country Shabby Chic Retro Vintage with a Junk Gypsy Flair!"  

This last couple of weeks have really inspired the "Junk Gypsy" in me and have given me a new outlook on things.  I'm hoping that the connections that I made will help lead me down a path that will make me happy and allow me to enjoy my life and career and take me to places I have yet to explore.  

I tend to go from one thing to another, one craft to another; never really settling on one specific thing.  Probably what makes me who I am.  I have an entire room overflowed into my husbands garage and a shed he built for me containing many found items full of ideas that are waiting for me when I find the inspiration. 

If you want to see the things I have crafted or would like to purchases my latest   repurposed item that I'm able to let go you can find it on my new website complete with shopping cart at HomeSpun & HandCrafted I have also added a calendar where you will find local occasional sales and Junk O Rama events that I may or may not attend.  

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