Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things My Great Grandma Left me!

My great grandma (NaNa) had the best old house.  The upstairs was completely untouched, by that I mean that no one was allowed up there and remained the same since her two children grew up.  (My Grandpa and Great Aunt).  I always had a curiosity and would bug her until she would give in and let me explore the upstairs.  I can't remember how old I was when she first let me explore the upstairs but I can remember it like it was yesterday.  She took me up the steps which were cluttered in all sorts of stuff and we made our way to the landing.  

She showed me a built in cabinet that had rocks, trinkets, vintage items, jewelry and things she had collected over the years.  My Great Grandpa (Bompsi) made this for her so she could showcase the things that were special to her that she had collected over the years.  There were two other rooms up stairs but they were not explored that day, she said that we had to save that for another day.  I guess she wanted to make each exploration special.  

My Grandpa's room was cool.  The door was hand made and was cut at a 45 angle on the top of both sides and when you walked into the room the entire room was at 45 degree angels.  My Great Aunt's room was pink and white and had cool shelfs where I spent hours looking thru book and camera's and treasures.  

I would take something down from the shelf and bring it to her white iron bed and examine it for hours.  Oh how I wish I would have been older when she passed away-I was 8 and she was 99 and lived a complete life I think in my older years I would have learned many more things from her.  

She left me a few things to remember her by.  One is a hand beaded purse with a doll in it.  The story that goes with it was that a little girl was kidnapped by some Indian's for a few weeks and when she was returned to her family she had this hand beaded purse where she had kept her doll.  She told me I looked like the little girl and that the purse and doll were meant to be for me.

The next couple of items were broken up.  She had this awesome red old little kids wicker chair with some dolls sitting in it. The chair went to my grandma with the biggest doll in it.  I got two dolls from the chair.  Both are hand made and were given to me one at a time from her on differnt visits to her house.  There was also a bear in the chair and it was my great grandpa's.  I think my cousin Charlie got the bear, if not I hope so because Charlie was named after him.

After she passed away and I would say quite a few years later my grandpa gave me a small leather bound photo album.  I saw a similar item last week on American Pickers that they scored for $125 and sold for over $250.  To me it's priceless.  It contains family members and friends.  The small bear in the picture also came from Nana.  I can't remember if he always had only one arm or it fell off and I lost it.  

The final item came when I graduated HighSchool.  My Great Aunt Jane was to give it to me as a graduation present from her.  To the left you will see a picture of the card.  With a picture of Grandma Jane Jackson wearing the necklace.  As you can see I am the 5th generation to own the necklace.  Its beautiful.   

Inside the necklace is a picture of my Great Grandpa Bompsi.  

There are many things I treasure in this world and the ones I shared with you here are among the ones that I hold near and dear to my heart.  


  1. Oh my gosh! How amazing and wonderful!! I so wish I had known my gramma, let alone great gramma! This is truly cool and you are very fortunate. Thanks so much for sharing.


    1. Thanks Cheri, I know I am very fortunate to have had such a wonderful Great Grandmother and cherish everything she left me-both physical and words of wisdom.

      BTW I grabbed your button too and added to my collection.

  2. What lovely treasures! I wish I had something from my great grandparents!
    I just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading it! My name's Bel, I love driving my 4x4 and atv, and I blog a bit about everything!
    Take care