Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Quiz About Me #MQAM

Acting Balanced

1. What was your favorite childhood toy?

-I would have to say my Barbies.  

2. Where did you go this weekend?

-We put 200 miles on the Bike, Watched my Cousin Fall from the Sky, Bet My son's friend go cart racing and went to the Trapshooting banquet.   

3. When was the last time you shopped for yourself?  What did you buy?

-a few weeks ago. Bought some summer dresses.

4. Paper, Plastic or Reusable?

-I like paper, then we can use the bags to start fires in our woodstove. 

My 5th question this week is...

Birthdays....celebrate them or is it just another day?

-I'm torn on this.  My grandparents used to make my birthday something special to look forward to.  Now that I'm older and they are gone, it seems like its just another day.  


  1. As I have gotten older I prefer to celebrate with a quiet dinner with my family and especially my grandchildren

    1. That sounds wonderful to me. I'm hoping to spend mine with my boys at my favorite restaurant.

  2. I usually celebrate birthdays with a nice dinner. My husband and I and a couple of friends all have birthdays in December, so sometimes we just pick a day in the middle of the month and go out to dinner. The birthday itself is pretty low key. Except for the Carvel ice cream cake, NEED that!!