Friday, June 15, 2012

Catching Up....

Over the last month, allot has happened.  My son finished his Sophomore year on the B Honor Roll with the "Silver Presidential Academic award" again. Got a score of 81 (out of 100) in the Minnesota State Trap Shooting Tournament, and is still working hard over at the farm.  

My husband is busy picking up compost while I....well let me tell you.

First there was this job opportunity with one of Minnesota Top Ranked Marketing Agency.  Let me tell you, what an opportunity it would have been.  There were allot of bells and whistles to get threw and I passed each phase of their tests with flying colors.  I was offered the contract and worked for 4 days, just as I got into the grove the bottom fell out.  Yep, the recruiter was pressuring me into singing a contract that had no term and said that I could only work for them and whoever they contracted me to work for.  Lets flash back a couple of weeks when they first offered me the job, because it was only a 3 month contract I told them that I would not give up my current clients to be left with nothing after the 3 months were up.  Well apparently the Recruiter did not mention this to the agency and apparently the agency does not allow any of its employees to freelance or work on the side so after 4 days at what might have been my dream come true job I was out on my A$$.  All that I can say is: Good thing I didn't give up my current clients or I would not only be out on my A$$ but on that A$$ without any income at all! 

So lesson learnt.  Never,ever trust a recruiter and trust your gut, even though the opportunity could be your dream. 

So I'm back in the market again, looking for some more clients or that "Social Media Dream Job" So if anybody needs help or knows of a business that needs some marketing help please send them over to One Girl Ideas

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