Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Decide....a note from my son's facebook page.

My son wrote a great note today on his Facebook page.  I would like to share it with you.  Please do not comment on his bad spelling, read between and over the words, deep down you know you feel the same, and if a 15 year old feels like this and wants to change the world, why can't it inspire the older much wiser politicians? 

Tyler Hoese for President!!!!!!

i pledge that when i and Blake Klaustermeier and Matt Alberts become president and higher ranks my first duty will be to provided Cash For Rice Burners ware i will pursnly pay you to bring your Honda Toyota Nissan and any thing else that is not a ford/chevy or dodge and i will take them to a ship load them up and dump them back in china my next movement as high ranks i will supply every single person behind township lines with a caterpillar diesel generator that is big enough for there needs i will then make Sara palin do i charity car wash for Jared alans home for wounded warriors i will then cut the salary of governors and and presidents and every one else buy 50,000 and with i combined total will some how make solders serving over seas get what they deserve pleasurably i will then make it easer for small buisneses to survive buy makeing compitition harder to come buy i will then make it easer for farmers buy protecting there investments buy creating a hole new world for crop insurance i will then do a program caled cash for spark plug running cars ware i will eather get you a new car ruining on diesel or re-power your car with a Cummings 4bt or a smaller caterpillar c4.4-2.2 any ways the reason for this is because if all we produse is diesel fule frome are refiners will will esentuly make more fule because it takes very little energy to make 1 gallon of diesel ware it takes a whole shit load of energy to make 1 gallon of gas and it elminates the mistake of greenhorns puting gas in a diesel of diesel in a gas it will make the world a better place i will then eliminate any middle men out there because no one wants to pay more then they should i will then launch Americana reclamation witch is a program to deport all citisins that are not of wite in color and will make people go to a dmv sora thing to even be able to look at a food stamp ware every one will go threw a series of piss tests financial tests and will only be avalable to people that have worked a real job in there life and are just falling on hard times so people fresh from behind boarder lines there going to have to live in fox holes if they wana stay because we will have our borders locked up tighter then socks on a rooster i will then make every person in big cittys (Minneapolis st pall Detroit what ever)drive a bike to work it will be ilegal to have any sort of car besides delivery trucks because really your just going around the block its not necessarily and the people that are in the citys now have to stay there we dont want you in the country then i will pass i bill to lower taxes because whats more disipounting then working 8 hour days then to see your pay stub and that the goverment has took almost a hole days of work from you i will then make horses pay to use state trales yes you will have to put a tag on your horses ass if i have to pay to drive my snomobile on it they should have to pay to let there horses shit on itthen i will bring all amaricn companys back to the us to get the reall made tn amarica quility  i will then continue seeing problomes and fix them because i will pay in full and you keep the change


  1. I love the idea of all diesel vehicles, because TY is right, the carbon footprint is much smaller for a gallon of diesel than gas.

    I didn't like the deportation of any citizens that aren't white, but the other ideas of some genuine merit!

    Pretty impressive idea list for a 15 year old - plus entertaining to see how much he knows about engines and such - total boy! :)