Thursday, August 18, 2011

OUTSOURCED....its not as scary as I thought it would be!

You know a few months ago that was a word that scared the crap out of me. Not only did it scare me but it outright pissed me off.  

Times are tuff and I understand small business having to cut back and lay off employees, its a tuff call and one that business owners don't like to do, but in these times it seems to be what is the norm. It seemed like everyone I knew was getting laid off and then it happend to me!  Not that I didn't see it coming, because I did. I knew that I was the first to go if times got tuff and I was working on the budget and my boss wanted to cut $20,0000 and when I joked about me working for free I knew by how the jerk reacted with a "Thats a great idea" that my days were numbered! 

For about a year before that dreadful day, I had been trying to break into the Social Media Scene.  I had been sucked into social media with the start of Facebook and when the SITS Girls started the 30 day blog challenge it skyrocketed from there.  My background in website design and small business helped me pull from what I like to do and created a new career path for myself.  

I'm now a Freelance Marketing Contractor.  I currently have 4 clients.  Two of which are Marketing Agencies, one is a Art Studio and the other is a Coffee Shop.  My responsibility's range from Social Media, Updating, Reporting and Training on the different Social Media Platforms, to Full Blown Marketing Plans, Small Graphic Ads and Logos.  Let me tell you I have never been so happy.  I know have the freedom to work the hours that I wish (as long as I get my projects done) and spend time with my family when they are home.  Most of my time is spent in my home office but I do spend some time at the different clients offices.  

Social Media MarketingDid I mention that I LOVE my new gig!!! Because I have never been happier!  Not only does it allow me to work around my son and husband, it gives me variety and constantly uses my creative side! A side that has been hidden for the last 10 years.  I hated numbers but was really good at balancing budgets and bookkeeping, so I did what paid the bills, though unhappy, now I get to do what I love!!!

Social media worldSo I guess I want to tell all of you that have been OUT SOURCED that there is hope and not all is lost.  Be creative in your job search, pull from the things you love and have faith.  For when one door closes, another opens.


  1. That is great news! I am so happy for you.

  2. Glad to hear things are working out and coming together! YAY!

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