Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baseline Impact testing.....a mom's football worries.

I try not to worry about the "What-If's" because if I did I would never, ever sleep let alone let my son out of my line of sight.  

I hear mom's all the time talk about how scary it is to watch their child play football.  And yes I agree it is scary but so is letting your child ride their bike for the first time, or letting them sleep over at a friends house for the first time.  I guess the more you watch them play football the easier it gets.  Now don't get me wrong I worry about my son getting hurt.  The first time I saw him get smashed by a kid bigger then him, I held my breathe, I think my heart stopped beating and I didn't breathe again until he popped back up and went back into play.  Being a mom is hard, especially when you have to sit in the bleacher and watch your son get hit. I do a good job of ignoring that fact that he could get hit or hurt and try to focus on him getting 5 yards or making a touch down!!!! 

But there are times when it gets put in your face and are forced to see exactly what could happen.

My husbands cousins son got hit hard last year on a late out of bonds play.  He got up and walked to the side lines.  A few plays later his father ran past us and later his mom went down on the field. He got hit pretty hard and could not remember allot of thing.  You can read all about it here http://www.herald-journal.com/health/pages/2011/concussions.html.  Anyways it really hit home and made our entire family a little more aware of what can happen.  

This year one of my fellow Football Mom's (Jen) was telling us about a Baseline Impact test.  Gillette Children Hospital offers an online test so if your son ever gets a concussion you will have something to compair it to instead of just guessing.  Basically its my new piece of mind and insurance plan that only cost $4.00!  Its not going to save your child but it will give you something to compair your child's brain injury to if anything ever would happen.

So my suggestion to you would be to go and spend the $4.00.  For me its the most well spent money I will ever spend on football.  Its my piece of mind and security that if my baby gets hurt I will have something to compair his injury too. 

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