Monday, July 26, 2010

Bulldog Bike Ride!

I have always wanted to get my Bulldog a pull behind the bike child carrier. She enjoys rides in the Buick, Truck, camper, 4wheeler, snowmobile so why not a bike trailer?  My husband thought I was nuts and every time I said I want one of those for Diesel he would say " An who is gonna pull her" I guess I never really thought that one threw, besides if she fits in it why shouldn't I be able to pull her in it-right? -wrong!

So Friday my husband comes home and says "I can't believe That you didn't see that bike trailer on the side? of the road?" I was like where and why didn't you grab it!?" So he continues to tell me where it is and I take his work truck down the road to the house where this bike trailer is sitting and such a bonus for free! 

I get it home and ask my son to help me get it down and to the garage-there it would have to sit until we got home from camping!

As I was trying to get caught up on my SITS #31DBBB Challenge my son comes in and tells me he needs my help, and I should bring Diesel. I  reluctantly  make my way outside to find that he has hooked the bike trailer up to my bike and was waiting for Diesel to board.  I go and get some treats from the camper and try and cox's her in.  It took about 1/2 the bag but we finally got her in and all secured for her maiden voyage -she's kinda big only 92 pounds and all muscle! 

So I give her one more treat and off they go!  They went down the driveway and back a few times.  She was a little scared at first but seemed to warm up to it.

Tonight I asked Diesel if she wanted to go for a bike ride and she got all excited just like she gets when you ask her if she wants to go for a ride or to get some ice cream!  My Son said if I could get her out there and all hooked up that he would give her another ride. 

So Diesel and I went out to the bike trailer and she hoped in and out, then went to play with Moose-our other dog.  She has this ritual that when she does something she rewards herself with attacking Moose. 

I got her all excited and calmed down and we did this in and out of the trailer about 10 times, until finally she got in and sat down.  We secured her and Tyler took off.  This time they went to the end of the driveway and back and did a few circles in the yard.  She had a huge smile on her face.  She loves it. 

Tyler thinks that we need to make a few modifications to the bike trailer so it won't drag and it will be easier to pull.  Once Tyler has that done I will post a follow up video. 

Check it out!  Bet you never saw a Bully in a Bike Carrier!


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  2. haha that's is cool. One happy dog :)

  3. How adorable is THAT???? I used to carry my Pomeranian in a basket on my bike. Sadly she passed away about a year ago, but she loved riding in the basket.

  4. So cute! We see all dogs riding in all kinds of things in California. The oddest being a dog in a crate on the back of a motorcycle (ok odd is not a good word for that)

  5. Thanks for all the comments! My bully is one spoiled girl, we joke that she has not idea she is a dog! She thinks she is human!