Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Social Media Breakfast #40

Last Friday I finally made it to Social Media Breakfast!  I have been following those folks for years but sense I live over an hour away from most of the events I usually just listen to them from the comfort of my desk at home via twitter.  Last week the topic was Community Management and because that is really what I do I really wanted to join in all the fun.  

The two panel experts were:

Lisa Grimm (@lulugrimmDigital Brand Manager at Mall of America.  You can check out her blog here COMMUNICATIONS PASSIONISTA there she share all the in's and out of Communication Management. 

Meg Knodl (@DotMeg)Senior Librarian at Hennepin County Library Communications and Community Engagement. Here blog Work with Meg must be somewhat of a work in progress.  I didn't find much there but she a "Follow the Rules" girl so maybe she just doesn't share much.  I found her to be very interesting and very nice, it seems like she is most active on twitter, so I suggest you converse with her there.

Talk about Community Managers from two very different ends of the spectrum, maybe thats what really attracted me to the event in the first place, either way it was AWESOME!  Even though it almost turned into a Jerry Springer show there for a minute!!!

Anyways, they both gave away great ideas, tips and mentioned awesome tools that they use everyday on.  I have yet had time to check any of them out but I have downloaded boxcar for my iPhone, just like all the other Social Media attendants did that day.  Once I open it up and set it all up and figure it out I will report back my findings.

Well thats all for now, hopefully I will be attending more SMBMSP in the future!

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