Monday, September 12, 2011

Teenage Attitude...Taken away the Laptop!

I can't say that I blame the the Hubs for taken it away.  On more then one occasion I have told our son to turn down his ChainSaw or Canadian snowplow driver YouTube videos. But my tolerance level and the husbands are different.  As long as I can listen to the TV and play work on my iPad I tolerate it, but the Hubs just watches TV when he watches TV and when someone interrupts it you better watch out.  

Awhile ago the Hubs decided to take the kids laptop away.  Why? Well one of several reasons.  The biggest reason was because he could not lay on the couch and watch TV without having our son's YouTube video blaring and interfering with his TRU TV soaps and when you interrupt the Hubs TV you better be ready for some smack-down   

Anyways, Ty went about 24 hours without this computer, but he was using his iPhone as a back up so it didn't really bother him until the Hubs had a Fire-meeting and Tyler and I get to have our sit in front of our computers with no complaining or interfering night. That he asked what I had done with his computer.  

I told him that I did nothing with it but I have the power to return it if he agrees to the stipulations placed on its return.  He gave me this look like "Ok she means business but WTF did I do to get into this" kinda look.  So I tell him that he can have it back but can no longer have it in the living-room.  He imedetaly asks if he can just have it back while dad is at fire-I calmly look at him and say no.  You can have your laptop back if you clean the mess by your chair and your laptop will now have a new home because you have failed to listen when we tell you to turn down the volume.  

So I proceed to tell him that there are 3 approved areas.  The first being a built in desk in the kitchen that I have overtaken with a huge mess and that would require me to help him clean. The second our old table that is in front of a window in the kitchen filled with plants that get brought in in the winter or the third his toy-drum-office-second bedroom.  He didn't like any of the options and proceeds to say well why don't I just take my chair and bring it to the downstairs living room and then I will be out of everyones way and the upstairs living-room will be much nicer.  I tell Mr. No-It-ALL that is not one of the three options and that this is my house and when he has his own house that he can decorate it however he wants, but until then the chair stays where it is.  

So he's pissed and starts to clean up his garbage around his chair.  He's up and downstairs and in the kitchen.  I ask him if he has made a decision on where he will be keeping his laptop and he replies with a "Thats for me to know" remark.  Which iI follow with a "Well, until you tell me where it will be kept; you won't get it back!" which has no effect.  He goes back downstairs.  So I think that he is cleaning his extra room.  Only to be totally wrong.  He comes up and says I'm ready for my computer.  I said "you cleaned your entire room?" which is followed by a "No, I cleaned off the table in the downstairs living room, so I can watch TV and have my laptop!" I calmly tell him "Ty, this was not an option, and in return I get a well I don't want my computer in the other places and I say "well you don't have an option in this and you need to choose one of the three I gave you and not come up with your own solution"

WOW did that piss him off!!!!

So how do you deal with your Teenager's attitude!

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