Friday, September 9, 2011

Buttons that Rock!

 I'm compiling a list of Awesome Buttons along with their Kick Butt blogs.  Go and Check them out!

  Jackie over at  With Just a Bit of Magic is my Long Time BBB-Best Blog Buddy.  We connected  over the SITS 31 day Blog Challenge last summer, and have been BBB since.  

SocialNicole  I connected with Social Nicole first via Twitter then we met in real life at OMS-Online Marketing Summit last summer.  Let me tell you she is a wealth of knowable when it come to Social Media and Non-Profit. 


Daria over at Mom in Management is a blast.  She sent me an email and we hit if off from there. She lives in Colorado-and that makes me a bit jealous.

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Kim over at Ramblings of a Not-So-Perfect Mom has the best button! She tells ya up front the way its gonna be.

belle bean chicago dog 
Liz...over at A Belle A Bean and a Chicago Dog she is a super social Thirty-something. Temporarily-retired marketer.Head of an internet-shopping, SUV-driving, organic-eating, HFCS-avoiding, house-remodeling family ,Stay-at-home mom and Co-founder of Eli | Rose Social Media.


 Jill over at Single Mom on a Budget is my Blogging/Twitter Buddy that Rocks!  Jill and I connected by way of our mutual friend Jackie aka 
 With Just a Bit of Magic.  

Morgan over at The Little Hen House just plan rocks! Go and check her out!

Tatter Scoops

How could I forget Maureen over at Tatter Scoops! She is Indonesian by birth, westernized by heart, single mom - blogger - full time worker - lifetime learner - photography lover - travel junkie - writer wanna be - living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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