Thursday, May 13, 2010

40 Things I want to do before I'm Fourty!

I read a twitter posting today that inspired this blog. ( Thank you marketmommies for the inspiration.

One may ask where the times goes and I know I sure do. In fact its a usually topic for discussing between my girlfriends and I. Instead of wondering where the time is going, I have decided to wonder no more and actually do something.

Life is short...first hand knowledge. It seems like just yesterday my 14 year old son was taking a bottle in my lap while I rocked him to sleep. Or was it just yesterday that I married the man of my dreams 15 years ago!

This brings me to the topic of "The Bucket List". There are so many things I want to do and I thought that maybe I could document them and that might inspire me to actually do them. So here goes. Today I will start with 3 and then each day try and add to my list. As I actually accomplish them I will comment/edit this post and let you know where I am. Feel free to post your Buck List also!

40 Things I want to do before I'm Forty!

1. Post to my blog at least one time a week
2. Have family dinners 5 days a week.
3. Learn something new every day!
4. Take more pictures
5. get my Social Media Marketing Business going
6. spend more time with the family
7. take my family to Hawaii
8. climb a huge mountian on my sled and get to the top where my husband is waiting for me to renew our vows
9. help my son be the best he can be
10. Hook up the camper, pull it down the road and learn how to back it
11. scrapbook more often
12. spend more time with my friends
13.knitt some socks
14. finish my pond
15. take my family to a twins games
16. take my family to a vikings game
17. get a new family picture taken
18. buy a really expensive pair or shoes or boots and not feel guitly about it

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