Friday, May 13, 2011

Changes......One Girls Month at a Glance!

I know, I know its been quit sometime sence my last "Real" blog post.  I have been very, very busy.

First "The Plumber" decided to outsource my job to save money, so I was scrambling to find a new gig that pays the bills.  Even though I can technically file for unemployment, I'm not one to sit on my ass and do that, but it is a back up plan.  And with the Hubs just switching jobs, money has been tight so this blow really hit home.

At the same time my Mother-In-Law was diagonesed with Breast Cancer. I'm sure you know from previous posts that I am not that close to her but she is my husbands mom and technically she is family and I do have a heart even though she has riped it out several times and stomped on it, I do care about her and was very worried. Anyways during the surgery her sister told the Hospital Staff that her (my husband and his brothers) were all morons and incapable of taken care of my mother in law while she recovered.  Us sister-in-laws did not take very kindly to that comment and even though my husband and his 5 brothers do not show their emotion or feelings very well they still love their mom and would do anything to help her.  So they banded together, confronted the Aunt and told her to get down from her High Horse and that they would be taken care of their mother and father from this point forward.  By-the-way my father-in-law was so stressed out over this mess that the Aunt caused that he broke out in shingles and was not able to even see my mother-in-law after her surgery and it also postponed her from coming home.
Image of a girl covered in sticky notes pulling her hair

While all this was happening, I got an offer to Freelance for NordicClick  Interactive.  Starting out with just a few project doing Social Media, Blogging, Project Coordination and such.  Besides that go back three week before all this happened and I picked up an other Freelance gig helping Bonnie over at Wax Marketing .  You might rember me posting about a "Mom Traders" event, well Bonnie and I clicked and I have been helping her out with some really cool Web Ads, Marketing Ideas, Social Media and all the other fun stuff that goes along with a marketing adgency.  On top of that, I got a call from an other Marketing Agency to come in for an interview.   

Then the Kid decided that he wanted a car, ya I agree he's only 15 and has 6 months before he can drive but my husband got his first vehicle when he was 14 and you know you can't fight with a man about a car and really I'm surprised that I made them hold out this long.  Anyways so that consumed an entire week.

And if all the above stuff ain't enough, I found out why our dogs have been at each others throats.  The neighbor has two dogs that he lets run free and they have been invading Moose's garage, so it explains why Moose growls at Diesel every time I try and take her for a ride, and it also explains where the baby kittens went!  I'm glad I found out that it wasn't Moose.  We were really starting to think she was going mad, when all along she was just trying to protect her Territory's.

So needless to say, I am running with my head cut off, pulling my hair out and just trying to figure out how to make it threw my days.

Once I figure all this out, I will get back on the Blogging track and catch you all up on everything that goes on in this Crazy Girls Life more frequently.  And you all thought I was fooling you when I said I was "One Girl With Some Big Ideas!"

Till Then!

One Girl Ideas  

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